Thursday, March 22, 2012


my friend says: there is too many things going on every day! and i can only agree. haven't been with you for a while, i know. sometimes it feels more like a long dream than anything else. or even a nightmare. but. i am back. and i will slowly tell you everything that has happened while i was off. or at least those fonder things.

- i handed my thesis in. successfully. my tutor suggested A grade. everyone's happy. i celebrated it properly. one could say too properly. but, that's really not for the list of fond things. let's just say it was a great party -smile-
- i spent some lovely days in glasgow with daniel last month (got some lovely photos to show) and we will be off to berlin from tuesday till sunday next week. exited.
- i did some photoshoots meanwhile, too. (again, something to show you)
- and i got to become a member of Goldsmith Vocal Ensamble, which is definitely one of the best things that has happened to me recently. GVE is a group of wonderful people cooperating and singing together with wonderful eska. we work hard to be able to perform at Queen's Elisabeth Hall in London, May 7th. it is still a long journey to go but we will make it and it is going to be amazing. i feel it. everyone does. because there is a great great story behind it. and we all love stories, right -smile-

if you're interested and going to be in London May 7th you can buy the tickets for this special event here.

photos are from one of our rehearsals at Goldsmiths.
1/ eska and us 2/ eska 3/ daniel and jitwam, break time

oh, and summer is here. let's finally have some fun together.