Wednesday, March 16, 2011

we all can help

i am speechless when it comes to what is happening in Japan these days. i found this link and want to share it with you. we all can support Japan by buying postcards or photo prints in the online print/postcard shop initiated by Hilda Grahnat. all proceeds will be donated to japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief through the japanese red cross society. we all can help.

Friday, March 11, 2011

yesterday it was my birthday. we made this small party in our kitchen, ate semlor, drank wine, talked and laughed a lot. among all those beautiful presents like old films for my cameras, old lens for my camera, svensk dvd or delicious spettekaka -smile- i also received a new tablet. we are now getting to know each other and bit by bit enjoying funny drawn adventures in a digital world. this is our first try. thank you so much, my dear daniel. and thank you all, who came to fosie, who sent me an electronic wish, who wrote me a letter. all, who remembered.



Sunday, March 6, 2011

malmö konst

last month, we went to see another exhibition at malmö konsthall. it is amazing space for presenting art works. plus: every exhibition for free. we go there today again, to check Walead Beshty installations. great plan for this sunny sunday afternoon. No.: I was a bit pissed off when noticed that the rest of my photos from the Olesen's exhibition hadn't turned out well. There must be something wrong with my camera, because the frames are overlapping when it comes to the middle of the film roll. i don't understand it. and i do hope it can be fixed somehow. i don't want to let more of my pictures wasted this way. don't like [!] but like at least these two here. so, enjoy them with me. and speak soon. [smile]