Friday, February 17, 2012

wanna talk

there is something pleasant and funny as well as something upsetting and irritating about calls. it's like dreaming -?- you sometimes enjoy it, sometimes not. sometimes it makes you feel happy so you wish it would never end and sometimes you feel like you would discard such invention completely - perhaps for that stupid reason that it is not real enough.

anyway. thanks, mr. phone. you do a good job -smile-

/dreamy telephone polaroid from stockholm 2011/

Friday, February 10, 2012

what my likes are, vol.1

// as i promised, from now on, now and then, i would like to show you my sources of inspiration. feature young photographer's work i love and admire. please, keep in mind that the photographs were not taken by me. you can click on the links below each to see the real author's site. and in case you decide to reblog any of these, please, make sure you credit the original source not me or my blog // hope you like what my likes are x.

dead camp

so. some changes to my blog in 2012 -smile- i might start sharing videos with you, guys. also, i am about to start this kind of new "i like" photo section. soon. but about this later -smile-

'dead camp' is daniel's newly produced track. first from his low cost life debut album that is now being recorded.
i am sharing it with you for several reasons:
/i feel it's special -know the philosophy behind it-
/i feel it's great -this kind of music i would definitely listen to-
/my picture comes with the track, which means it kind of belongs here
/i just want you to hear it, to enjoy, to comment, to share and even to support his new project if you like

thanks x.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

noční toulky prahou

not quite sure if it was the sentiment on vaclav havel's death and this big sense of one great nation hidden behind it - or the sentiment on meetings with my old/even new friends - or the sentiment on my night walks through - that made me feel so great about this town again - as well as a bit sad when being away for another 4 months... anyway, hope to see you again soon, lady hundred-spired x.