Thursday, February 3, 2011

den bästa mormor i hela världen

first of all, sorry for not posting anything long time. was a bit busy. or did not feel like sharing feelings with someone. or i don't know. nevertheless, the time has come to show some more pictures taken with my AE-1 at the end of two-thousand-ten. / this is a set of photographs with my grandma. at the end, this whole shooting turned out so fun. so much fun that we completely lost the first idea. well, you can't really be serious and funny at the same time. but i still do love this set. and i do love my grandma. hon är den bästa mormor i hela världen!


Holly said...

Such wonderful portraits!

eliseproust said...

This is where we ate the pancakes : at Mad Miss Molly ->

barun said...


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