Friday, March 11, 2011

yesterday it was my birthday. we made this small party in our kitchen, ate semlor, drank wine, talked and laughed a lot. among all those beautiful presents like old films for my cameras, old lens for my camera, svensk dvd or delicious spettekaka -smile- i also received a new tablet. we are now getting to know each other and bit by bit enjoying funny drawn adventures in a digital world. this is our first try. thank you so much, my dear daniel. and thank you all, who came to fosie, who sent me an electronic wish, who wrote me a letter. all, who remembered.




Marguerite said...

happy belated birthday! sounds like you had a wonderful time!

barun said...

yes we had. thank you, marquerite!

ANNA said...


i <3 your blog

barun said...

i appreciate that, anna ) thank you!

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