Thursday, April 7, 2011

two become one

i haven't been on here for a while. as you can guess, there were so many things happening during the last few weeks. wonderful things. i finished one of my courses at school, i went to berlin for the first time, i shot like five film rolls that are now waiting to be developed. in berlin, i had to kiss daniel goodbye, since he is in Czech now. being separated for almost two weeks is not that wonderful, but berlin was (!) and here in malmö, i am absorbing the whole trip and trying to make myself as comfortable and busy as i can. it works. here some b/w picture from our short photo-afternoon at fosie /*/

-gefällt mir-


Moraena said...

ohhh barbora, i love them! the photos i mean. :) especially the last one. i really like the expression. and i'm happy that you're back in malmö! :)

barun said...

tack, min kära koda * i am also happy to be back here!

her ghosts. said...

i like every single one. the crinkled sheets.

barun said...

i appreciate *

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