Wednesday, July 13, 2011

my last days in malmö, vol. 7

farewell party. thank you, my dears. it was the best last beach time ever -exclamation marks-

(1. happy face jo and sad face david 2. happy face theo 3. not sure but dare say happy far-away faces theo and torkel /on our way to the ribban beach 4. blury face torkel /somehow i really really like that photo 5. boombox happy face mate /ohh, made us smile several times 6. babo and david /photo by theo, i like 7. uhmm, don't ask me, ask theo 8. my very sensitive roomies 9. torkel, little bit of lastest fashion 10. torkel, little bit of trashy sunset 11. sadly under-exposed last and only group photo )


martin said...

wow! good times. really. and your blog is also evolving to a pretty 'hot' thing. waiting to see more

barun said...

tack * nya kommer snart )

Bérénice ♥ said...

the girl with the septum is too beautiful

barun said...

uhmmm. there are two .D jorinda and me. both with septum pierced )) but thanks )

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