Friday, July 22, 2011

my last days in malmö, vol. 9

oslo. have to say -from our one day trip to norway- i enjoyed oslo opera house the most. oh god, that light [!] and i have to say i still have like about six film rolls full of pictures from sweden to post and share with you. just need to find more time. yeap. well, it is difficult. london got busy -smile- but bit by bit i'll let you enjoy. promise.

/ oh, you can't imagine how sorry i feel about what happened in oslo last night. i've noticed this morning. can't really say how bad or good timing for my post. chm./

(3. dearest jennie, 5. my father with his girlfriend, 6. business men, 7. my father /i completely love that one/, 8. jennie /somehow, i love that one as well/, 9. random couple, 10. girl from that random couple, 11. jennie and me and opera, 12. jennie - somewhere between opera house and our car)

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