Monday, August 15, 2011

when pure nature speaks

...and you listen quietly.

/jennie, min käraste jennie. and our summer in the north/

more. many more. soon.


Holly said...

even that phrase "our summer in the north" paints such pictures for me...beautiful, these.

Layla said...

tyhle jsou opravdu skvělý, vzpomínkový.. evokují mi sylvii plath nebo tak někoho. ta první je asi nejvíc emotivní, pro mě. pak ta poslední.

Celsee said...

I keep seeing nature photographs in colour but now that i see in black and white these feels so fresh and beautiful, i love them.

cara said...

these are insanely beautiful. i love the grain!

barun said...

thank you all! i do appreciate your feedbacks. so much.

Laure said...

Très belles photos, j'aime en particulier l'avant dernière :)

Have a nice day!

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