Friday, December 9, 2011

coffee tale

this café aka vintage store in victorian style is just one big amazing space - you can find it in the middle of brick lane, london - and i promise - if you ever have a chance to visit - it will be one big amazing most comfortable and enjoyable travel to the past you have ever experienced - oh, have you ever ? --- you get a wonderful yet not at all expensive coffee - same with the delicious cakes they offer there - you will be served by very beautiful people, even meet cute animal friends. it is for sure - during these frigid winter days - once you find some empty and extremely cosy victorian chair - you will not want to leave that space at any cost.

/one could say the colours in all pictures turned out to be way too bright - but - you know - they only emphasize the warmth and friendly atmosphere that cover this fairytale-ish place. so i left them the way they were.

/hope i will manage to go there once again for a coffee and delicious cake before my flight back home for christmas...

oh, time flies. indeed.

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