Wednesday, January 4, 2012

faces 2011

ok. i've been selecting pictures for this post for quite a long time. these are pictures i haven't showed you yet. they picture people i've met on my way in 2011. well, i met way more beautiful people in 2011 but my folders do not contain pictures of all of you, my dear friends - thus the selection is not complete. but i hope to add you in the future -!-

1. my dear gustaf
2. my dear father
3. my dear brother
4. my dear andy (see, you closed your eyes - i told you)
5. my dear daniel <3
6. my dear alex with his half-mustage
7. my dear jennie (eating icecream north sweden)
8. my dear thes (with so summer strawberry)
9. my dear -lick and smile-
10. dear dear amanda (camden)
11. dear dear anna (with amanda, camden)
12. dear dear frantisek (at brick lane playground)
13. damn dear ida <3 (oh, check her blog, she's cool)
14. dear dear luca (hidden in the dark)




Birdie said...

Lovely idea :) I hope you can meet more beautiful people in 2012 ! Happy new year *.*

joana said...

wonderful! so many faces and so many places :)

Jasmine said...

The thought of it is very beautiful and the photos are amazing as well

Cheers and Happy New Year

barun said...

thank you, ladies x i actually missed several important people here - which made me realise i need to take some more pictures of them as soon as possible ) happy new year xx

Alice said...

ahh this is amazing! beautiful portraits

Dana Faltusová said...

týý, krása!

Anonymous said...

oh, lovely lovely faces.

barun said...

thank you all for your beautiful comments !

IDA said...

I also like your ovverall idea!
Děkuji za zahrnutí mé maličkosti a musím poznamenat, že Frabtišek je moc funny! xxx.

Cylinder Four said...

Some great portraits and amazing tones (were these all on the same camera?!) 3 & 8 stand out to me

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