Wednesday, January 25, 2012

starts and ends and new and old odds

mari. my new friend. a little princess. another story of serendipity. // we've just started some sort of collaboration together. i will let you know very soon -- or should i let you find out -?-



Anonymous said...

i can't wait to know!
she's so beautiful :)

Layla said...

she is beautiful. and she has some kind of a unknown sadness in her eyes.. which makes her look even more fragile and not for this world, exactly. very lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hello there :) Just posted the outfit photos!
These look great too, thank you again and see you soon :*

in 2 you said...

are you making photos with analog cam?

barun said...

in2you: yeap - i actually prefer film - these two are digital though )

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