Friday, February 10, 2012

dead camp

so. some changes to my blog in 2012 -smile- i might start sharing videos with you, guys. also, i am about to start this kind of new "i like" photo section. soon. but about this later -smile-

'dead camp' is daniel's newly produced track. first from his low cost life debut album that is now being recorded.
i am sharing it with you for several reasons:
/i feel it's special -know the philosophy behind it-
/i feel it's great -this kind of music i would definitely listen to-
/my picture comes with the track, which means it kind of belongs here
/i just want you to hear it, to enjoy, to comment, to share and even to support his new project if you like

thanks x.


Layla said...

dobrá! určitě ho podpořím. a těším se na I LIKE section :)

barun said...

děkujem ,)

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