Saturday, July 21, 2012

my heart beats so slow

my heart beats so slow my heart beats so slow

another 100ISO film roll from 1980's. although not 100% satisfied with the quality of the scans, i just have very strong need to share these. think i will be able to get better quality scans once my new scanner arrives - excited!


IDA said...

happy to be the first one to see and comment this!!

1. fotky jsou snový, hlavně prní a poslední. a Dan tam vypadá jak to nejkřehčí stvoření na světě. jdi ho obejmout honem.
2. uričtě to není ticho před bouří. a pokud jo, tak to bude bouře příjemná, osvěžující.
3. pusu

barun said...


Justė said...

the first photo is stunning! and i totally understand you about the olympics (imagine how calm it'll be when everything is over!) and about forgetting happiness (it happens to me all the time. luckily, there are moments when i stop and realize that everything is fine.)

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