Saturday, July 2, 2011


i found this picture of my mom in my drawer before moving to sweden. i kept it in my notebook the whole year. now, in london, i looked at it again and i feel like sharing it with you.

i think it was my father who took it. today when i look at this photograph i always start to create stories in my head. also be a bit sentimental..

well, you never know, what life will throw at you.

/london seems to be really cool. unfortunately, you will have to wait for some london-photostream. first, i still have some (or rather many) pictures to show from my last week in sweden. second, i have no idea where to develop pictures in london. have to explore. tips welcome, of course /


Anonymous said...

oh wow, it's amazing.

i have no idea about that too, i can't even develop rolls now in my own city. but that's a monetary problem, whatever.

have fun <3

cara said...

that's a really nice picture! about a year ago i inherited a box of old family photos and they're so wonderful to look at. glad you're enjoying london :)

Helen said...

My friend who moved to London was (at some point) working at an outlet of this chain called Snappy Snaps - no idea about their quality or pricing but it might be a start! :)

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