Friday, July 8, 2011

my last days in malmö, vol. 1

ok. honestly. i don't know where to start. what to pick first. i have so many photos - so many nice memories - from my last days in sweden. it was that amazing kollektiv turmstrasse night. it was those picknicks in the parks and on the beach. all those great meetings and lovely moments i want to show you. or at least part of it all. i miss sweden a lot. but there are also many nice moments waiting to be experienced in london. that's for sure.

staying tuned

(1. kungsparken 2. kära anna 3. kära koda 4. anna och jens 5. johan/ en svensk man som jag träffade i kungsparken, det var jätteroligt svensk konversation med honom  5. jag blev kär i detta träd i malmö)

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Moraena said...

awww. beautiful moments and memories.

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